A Man Walks Through

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  1. Missouri Walmart panic caused by armed man testing gun rights

A couple of years ago, I found my feet skating out from underneath me as I hit a puddle whilst darting around an advancing male pedestrian. For me, this was a lightbulb moment.

Missouri Walmart panic caused by armed man testing gun rights

Whilst walking through busy thoroughfares — pavements, tube stations, bottlenecks in shopping centres — I had prided myself on my ability to deftly scan the moving crowd and pick a way through, slaloming around other pedestrians. But, down on the floor, I realised: the man who had just bombed past me was doing no such thing.

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He was simply pursuing his course, powering forward in a straight line. He and I were finding our paths through public space in very different ways indeed.

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Dutilleul used his power to enter her bedroom and spend the night with her while her husband was away. One morning, Dutilleul had a headache and took two pills he found in the bottom of his drawer. His headache went away, but later that night, as he was leaving his lover's house, he noticed a feeling of resistance as he was passing through the walls.

The pills Dutilleul had thought were aspirin were, in fact, the medicine his doctor had prescribed for him a year earlier. As he was passing through the final outer wall of the property, he noticed he was no longer able to move. He realized his mistake too late.

10 hours of walking in Manila (Philippines Social Experiment)

The medicine suddenly took effect, and Dutilleul ended up trapped in the wall, where he remains to this day. It is also the basis of the stage musical Le Passe Muraille or in its English-language adaptation, Amour. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Man walking through Boscombe park was kicked in the head and robbed of documents

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